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Integrated AV Control System & Networking Option
Pixie Family

The Pixie family of controllers offers elegant and complete control systems that fit in a standard single-gang back box. The modular button design allows users flexibility in configuring the panel to match their needs.

Pixie offers intuitive control of virtually any display system with a remote control, be it a video projector, plasma screen, or LCD monitor. Controls power, volume, and switches between up to 8 inputs.

The Pixie is a perfect fit for AV installations with transient users. It eliminates the confusion caused by wandering remotes, dead batteries, and complex projector control interfaces. An untrained user can use the Pixie to control any display device with confidence and ease.
An elegant, single-gang 8-button display control device for virtually any projector, plasma screen, or LCD monitor. Provides both IR and RS-232 control

PixiePro Family

The PixiePro family offers a combination of in-room button control using our PixiePro Modular Panel - a robust 4-gang IR control device, scalable to fit your AV needs; and our Networked Room Controller - a browser-based control system ideal for configuring, controlling and monitoring virtually any room configuration, from the simple non-networked in-room control to the complete multi-room networked facility, or anything in between. Both control systems can be used independently, or in combination with one another.
PixiePro provides intuitive, scalable control in an elegant and affordable package


The Networked Room Controller is a low-profile, low-cost, programming-free control system that can be configured, controlled, and monitored via a friendly Web interface


SmartPanel Family

Simple, intuitive control for every AV device and budget. The SmartPanel AV controller provides basic and advanced control for projectors, plasma screens, and monitors. The Transport Control Module controls up to 5 VCRs, DVD players, satellite tuners, you name it. The elegant Pixie provides basic projector control for a price that will surprise you.

The plug-and-play Internet gateway for your SmartPanel installation. Real-time control, security, and maintenance monitoring. No programming necessary!

Simple, intuitive control for projectors, plasma screens, and monitors. The SmartPanel is the flagship of the SP Controls product line


Versatile media control device. Controls up to 5 devices via IR. Controls VCRs, DVD players, TV tuners, and more. Only programmed buttons light up.


Versatile mounting solutions make the perfect fit for your PixiePro Modular Panel, Pixie Display Control Module, or SmartPanel and AV equipment. The SmartBox+ wall-mount includes a fold-out shelf for your VCR/DVD. On a table, in a rack, in the wall, in a drawer, the control panel fits anywhere.

The SmartBox+ is the premier PixiePro Modular Panel, SmartPanel or Pixie wall-mounting solution.

Mounting solution for the Small Chassis SmartPanel (SP2-SMCHAS). Convenient under-the-table mounting.

Rack Mount kits available for the Pixie (PXE-DCM), PixiePro (PX2-MP-IR), Large (SP2-CHAS) and Small Chassis SmartPanels (SP2-SMCHAS).

For tabletop mounting the Large (SP2-CHAS) and Small Chassis SmartPanels (SP2-SMCHAS).

&Acrylic Surface-Mounts for the Pixie, PixiePro, SmartPanel and SP3-TCM+.

Wall-mounting solutions for the Large or Small Chassis SmartPanels.

Signal Distribution

CatLinc uses proven technology to transmit video signals over CAT5 cable. Models available for VGA, composite video, component video, and S-Video.

The CatLinc DA-8 can split any CatLinc signal to as many as eight destinations. CatLinc RS-232 safely carries RS-232 signals for thousands of feet. Sold in transmitter/receiver pairs with power supply.

CatLinc signal distribution devices simplify cabling and significantly cut costs by sending signals over common CAT5 cable. Available for VGA, composite video/stereo audio, component video, S-Video; or digital HDMI.

Extend your installation with the CatLinc DA8 and RS-232. Carry RS-232 thousands of feet, or split your CatLinc signal to as many as eight receivers.